Blair Atholl & Struan Community Council 


Running through the heart of Atholl is the River Garry that links all the villages and glens, combing with the mountains, hills and glens to create some of the finest scenery in Scotland. The beautiful villages of Atholl include – Calvine, Blair Atholl, Bruar, Killiecrankie, and Struan – offering some of the finest hospitality in a natural, unspoiled setting.

Access to the stunning scenery as far as the eye can see, is easy. Whether you like country roads, bicycle paths, waymarked trails, or tours guided and unguided, it is a day well spent, and if you walk, you will discover plentiful wildlife and plants, and you may even see red or roe deer.

Blair Atholl and Struan has a very active Community Council. Minutes and Reports are provided on a regular basis:

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