Perth & Kinross Credit Union to open local office in Pitlochry

04 Mar Perth & Kinross Credit Union to open local office in Pitlochry

Perth and Kinross Credit Union (PKCU) has been operating from premises at 282 High Street Perth since April 2014. Since then we have worked closely with the Housing Department in PKC; in particular to provide services to people who may have financial problems or who are partially excluded from main stream financial services.

During 2015, with help from PKC Housing Department, local offices were successfully opened in Blairgowrie (June) and Crieff (October) offering a full range of services but for restricted hours only. We think this has worked well, assisting people who live outside the city to take advantage of PKCU services without the cost of having to come into Perth.

Our requirement for opening a local office are very simple – we need a suitable space in a suitable location – and we need a group of volunteers willing to be trained to staff the office and look after our Members.

Earlier this Month we identified suitable premises in Pitlochry – within the local housing Office -and we plan to commence operations there as soon as we can recruit half a dozen people willing to take on some training, and then to run the office – probably for 2 – 3 hours on a Wednesday morning.

We hope that you will welcome this extension of our operation into Pitlochry which will offer easy flexible saving for everyone, it will increase financial inclusion and will bring ethical lending by PKCU direct to those who need it in Highland Perthshire.

If you can think of any individuals or groups who might like to know more about PKCU, or who might know of individuals who would be willing to help us staff the Pitlochry Office please contact PKCU Manager Anne Walker on 01738 624872 or at or Euan Walker, Chair, Perth & Kinross Credit Union on 01250 870577 or at